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SUBJECT: (Going viral) 36 questions that make couples fall deeply in love 

SUBJECT: 36 scientifically proven questions that can make even strangers fall in love

SUBJECT: These 36 questions made strangers fall in love
A recent article in the New York Times has been
going viral on the internet.
It describes a clinical study where a researcher
had strangers ask each other 36 questions that
resulted in them falling in love.
The author of the article tells the story how she
tried out the experiment herself (with an acquaintance)
and was shocked at the power that these
questions had on them.
Find out more about the 36 questions that made
strangers fall in love
>> Questions that make couples fall deeply in love (
Your friend and coach,

SUBJECT: The #1 indicator of success/failure in all relationships
SUBJECT: #1 tip for improving the communication in your relationship

Have you ever said any of these things about your relationship?

___ I miss the great conversations we used to have.

___We seem to have run out of things to talk about.
___ I am worried about our long distance relationship making it.

___ How do I really know if he/she is the one for me?

___ Meeting people is awkward for me. I never know what to say.

It is no secret that the #1 cited reason for divorce and
relationship breakups is - POOR COMMUNICATION.

Just like your dates and your sex life, you communication
can become DULL over time! And it can spell DOOM to your

If you are single, your prospects will skyrocket if you
know the right questions to ask.

Michael Webb is one of the most respected relationship
experts on the planet. He's been on Oprah and just about
every other talk show sharing valuable tips and secrets
for outrageously successful relationships.

He's got an amazing website where he shares the questions
that couples should use to truly know each other and, if
compatible, draw deep lasting connections with each other.

Even if you've been in a long term relationship, chances are
you will find that there is still much to be learned about your

Check out the questions here:

Your coach,


P.S. Michael will even email the questions to you daily so
you can communicate via email or text. I LOVE this service.

Check out the questions here:

SUBJECT: This makes men want to commit
SUBJECT: Ladies - If you want a ring, you should do this
SUBJECT: The number one reason men will not commit
Do you know the number one reason men will not commit and set a date?
They will never admit it - but they are scared.
They have so many "what-ifs" going through their mind when they are
in a dating relationship. Just like you do.
While women have a great connection with their intuition and can make
major decisions based on their "gut" and emotions, men are usually
more logical and systematic in their approach to big decisions.
One of the very best tools you can use to help men become comfortable
and confident in their decision to walk down the aisle is to help him
feel like he knows you inside and out (and you know the same about him).
But, men aren't the best at sharing what's in their hearts, are they?
(although the really, really want to).
Michael Webb, one of the world's most renowned relationship experts, has
developed a comprehensive series of questions for couples to ask
each other.
Check out the questions here:

He has discovered that if a couple is truly compatible that over 80% of men
are ready to commit after going through the series of questions. Of course
the questions can reveal blind spots in the relationship which, if not addressed,
would prove to be disastrous down the road.
I like the website option to email questions back and forth on a daily basis.
Sometimes we answer them via email but often we just think about the
questions and discuss them when we get home in the evening.
Your coach,
P.S. Here is just one of many emails that Michael has received from
grateful women.
"We've been dating for 4 years and talking about marriage for the last two
but he never wanted to set a date and of course there was never a ring.
My friend recommended the questions and after going through two-thirds of them
with my boyfriend over a few weeks he surprised me one night at our favorite
restaurant with a ring hidden in the cheesecake. We're getting married on June 19th!"
 - Marika S.
Check out the questions here: 
SUBJECT: Use this technique to learn the deepest secrets of any man or woman
SUBJECT: This might SHOCK you.
The person you are with is most likely harboring some rather lurid secrets.
When these secrets are revealed they will either destroy your relationship or
will deepen your bond with one another.
But how do you get someone to reveal their deepest secrets?
Michael Webb is a world renowned relationship expert who has compiled
a list of questions that all couples should ask each other.
Questions All Couples Should Ask Each Other
These questions are expertly designed so you begin with questions that
are fun and comfortable to answer. That encourages couples to
slowly and confidently open up to one another.
Eventually you work your way up to questions which are more
revealing and daring. By this time, couples are comfortable with the
process and are willing to honestly share their past, their dreams for
the future and even their fantasies.
Even though I've been in a relationship for many years I recently went
through the questions and I was surprised how much we really didn't
know about each other. Eventually we got to the riskier questions but
because we had gotten into the habit of sharing and being open with the
easy questions we shared much deeper than we would have. We
both agreed that we feel a much deeper level of love for each other
as a result of going through the questions.
I could see where these questions could break up a couple (which would
actually save a lot of heartache down the road). So few couples REALLY
know each other -- I guess that is the reason why over half of marriages
end in divorce.
By the way, Michael has been on Oprah and over 500 tv and radio shows.
He is one of the most respected relationship experts. So you know you
are in good hands.
Questions All Couples Should Ask Each Other
All the best,
P.S. I really like the email feature that Michael offers where you can get
all the questions emailed to you on a daily basis. He doesn't offer that
all of the time.
Questions All Couples Should Ask Each Other 
SUBJECT: These questions help you get the guy/girl - every time!
SUBJECT: No more awkward silences (which kill the dating mood immediately)
Have you ever been on a date and the conversation DIED?
It was followed by mumbling, ahh and ummmm and soon
after "I have to be going now."
Or, do you have problems even getting the date? You have
problems getting past asking her name or delivering one
or two pick-up lines.
The great art of conversation is not being able to talk
eloquently about yourself. It is being able to ask fascinating
and intriguing questions.
I recently stumbled across a brilliant resource which can
completely transform your conversational prowess overnight.
It is a collection of questions for couples created by Michael
Webb, a well respected relationship expert who has been featured
in over 1,000 media outlets.
Check out his list of questions - 
In checking out Michael's questions there were tons of basic
"getting to know you questions" (which are a lot of fun) but
hundreds more questions that are thought-provoking.
Ask these questions at the right point and you'll be rewarded
with deep admiration and intrigue. They won't want the
conversation to end.
I highly recommend you check out this resource. Having
some fantastic questions in your conversation toolbox
will make you not only fun to be around but will push you
far ahead of the pack.
Your coach,
P.S. For those who want to go even deeper in the relationship
there are lots of questions about dreams for the future and
even lovemaking. Be cautious on the lovemaking questions
as they will instantly plant thoughts in their mind and will
get them in the mood. So unless you are ready to enter
that phase of the relationship, I'd recommend you hold off
on those questions.
Check out his list of questions
SUBJECT: Are you in a long distance relationship?
SUBJECT: 3 Survival Tips for a Long Distance Relationship
The success rate for long distance relationships is pretty slim.
Here are 3 tips on bettering your odds and protecting your
relationship from being destroyed by distance.
1. Use any and all means to stay connected. Skype, Facetime,
emails, Facebook, texts, postcards, love letters in the post and
personal visits whenever possible.
2. Plan your future together. Set milestones for visits, vacations,
and the eventual reunion. Create a fun way to count down to
the next time you'll be together.
3. Make your communication meaningful. You need to move
beyond, "how was your day" and "missing you" if you want to
draw closer while you are apart.
I highly recommend Michael Webb's 1000 Questions for Couples.
You can get all the questions at once or he will even email them
to you 3 or 4 a day for 300 days. That way you can spread out
the questions and grow deeper in your relationship over a 10
month period of time.
Check out his list of questions
To your success,
P.S. I've seen studies that show that over 80% of long distance
relationships do not survive. But, those who have "good
communication" daily have over a 65% success rate.
Michael was in a long distance relationship with his wife early in
his relationship so he knows what questions are vital to your success.
Check out his list of questions